Come on in to see spring farmhouse kitchen decor with the joyful spring home tour. Potted herbs, boxwood and succulents reflect the warmer days and new life outside.

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I am teaming up with a bunch of my blogging buddies to bring you some spring home inspiration. Read all the way until the end to get the links to the other homes on the tour.

Ahh spring. I’ve waited an awfully long time for you. Your daylight that lasts well into the evening makes me forget the gloominess of short winter days. Your 70 degree afternoons bring wide open doors and bare feet in the mud. Seeds germinating, grass turning green and fresh herbs sprouting in the garden make me wonder where you’ve been the last eight months.

You’ve got me poring through my seed collection, digging my fingers in fresh soil and dusting off the old tiller.

I think I can get a collective amen from just about every other human on the planet when I say that spring is basically the most wonderful time of the year.

To celebrate and its goodness and new life, I brought the color green in all forms to my spring farmhouse kitchen; boxwood, eucalyptus, parsley, basil and succulents.

I should have called this tour “My 50 Shades of Green Spring Kitchen”.

Potted basil sits near the windowsill, so I can pluck a few leaves to add fresh herbs to our meals.

I switched out my usual hoop art for a preserved boxwood wreath tied with a little strip of ticking stripe fabric.

Aaand I spy two more (unintentional) greens..my veggies fermenting in the corner. More of that to come when the garden is overflowing with home grown cabbage and cucumbers.

I whipped up a new ruffle ticking stripe curtain about ten minutes before I took these pictures. True story. I wanted to add a little color and I knew this would be a super simple way to do it.

My favorite way to decorate for any new season is to bring in elements from outside. I like to keep things simple and natural.

Easy peasy and done.

Oh and P.S., for those of you who are new to my kitchen…the two jars covered with a towel are milk kefir fermenting, and the tea towel covered bowl is my beloved sourdough starter. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 🙂

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