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after living in other people’s apartments and houses for two and half year, i feel like i’m becoming sort of savvy at making it feel homey around me with small means.

making a home get a luxurious feel can quite often come with a hefty price tag though. designer furniture, expensive floral arrangements, and constantly new decor pieces to follow what’s on trend. not exactly a budget way to live.

i like the mix. i like having both luxurious designs for my home, at the same time as saving a buck wherever i can on nice budget solutions.
these are three ways in which i save money on decor and design.

you know me, simple is beautiful. a few flowers, and some natural materials like glass or wood – beautiful to look at and lovely to the touch. it doesn’t take a whole lot more to make your home instantly level up. or what do you think ?

if you haven’t seen latest apartment tour yet by the way, you can have a look here : http://bit.ly/2cawYHY

love // jenny



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