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Hi Everyone!
This week we have a quick video showing you three different ways to style a living room. We also want to give you a heads up and apologize for the lighting in the video. It was all over the place:( The living room is originally a light gray color (not brown/beige/yellowish).

Also, because we have been showing a lot of the same styles in our videos (contemporary, modern, etc.) we wanted to add a few videos with traditional (or old style, as some people still call it) furniture.

A few tips to keep in mind: Try to avoid putting your sofa, chair against the walls of your living room. It might seem as if the living room is bigger, because the furniture is along the walls, but in reality the living room will seem very empty and all over the place. By putting the furniture more close together you give it a more cozy, welcome, inviting look.

Thank you for watching and supporting us!

Angelina | Ruth

If you have any questions about the furniture pieces of decor, please comment down below!

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