Bathroom Decor: Small Space Rental


I’ve painted my bathroom black & couldn’t be happier! What do you think of my simple, small space bathroom makeover?

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1. Shelf – Piece of Shelf custom cut from Hardware Store I spray painted black, along with the shelf brackets. This usually doesn’t require brackets & will sit easily on the back of the toilet so you can easily remove. If it won’t, just secure a few inches above. 🙂
2. Lamp (I spray painted it gold):
3. Silver Horse Statue, Blue & White Box, and Containers: HomeGoods
4. Pink Towels:
5. Gold Soap Dispenser:
6. Black Basket:
7. Brass Towel Ring: Antique Store
8. All other details: Vintage
9. Paint:

Thank you guys so much for watching. I know some of you don’t want to paint a rental — I feel like if you’re going to be there at least a year, take the time to make it feel like home. It’s not much out of your deposit or you can just paint it back white. To each their own! 🙂 Please let me know what else you’d like so see!


Edited by Vanessa Rud

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