DIY Dollar Tree Room Decor Glam Wall Light / Tear Drop Gems turned into a Chandelier LIGHT

Dining Room
For this Dollar Tree DIY home decor project I made a beautiful Glam Chandelier wall light. I’ve Seen this design offered from tons of top designer brands for so long. Finally I figured out a way to make one myself using Dollar Tree materials & with amazing quality!! I’m so proud of this & how it looks, overall I’m more proud of the quality build. YES THE TEAR DROP GEMS ARE FROM DOLLAR TREE. I discovered something I think will surprise you about these gems.
I really hope you enjoy this project. It does take a good bit of time going into it but after the first part & your gems are prepped it’s all fun & fast. The time I’d say it takes would be two – three hours.
I’ll see you again soon! Love you

Materials for this project
7 – plastic spoons & forks
2- narrow wooden canvases
1- Jewelry Kit
1- Strand of Christmas Lights or battery lights if your prefer
I used a bracket I had from a 4×6 picture frame that came from Dollar Tree to hang this light on my wall.
Of course you can use what best suits you such as command hooks

You’ll need some sort of clear cheap fishing line

Don’t for get you need props to make a gap so you can thread your line through the gems comfortably. Just whatever you have around the house or sitting the shelf / frame on the edge of your dinner table.
Also whatever you wanna use to decorate your frame with. I wanted to use adhesive diamond wrap so if anyone does I’d love to see pics.
Instead I used the most common standard gems you can find just about anywhere including Dollar Tree “if they have em in stock” Remember the Jot gems are the smaller ones. The bag I have is from Hobby Lobby & has a variety of sizes.

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