Beyond the Terra Cotta Pot: CB2’s Modern Planter Line

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cb2's modern planter - zen

CB2’s modern planter line includes interesting shapes in classic colors, like these Zen planters.

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We’re loving the houseplant trend. What’s better than surrounding yourself with lush, affordable decor that will only get more impressive with time and will help keep your air clean? It’s no surprise that plants are in style. Whether you’re just starting to test your green thumb or have a veritable jungle at home, CB2’s modern planter line has something for you. Its sleek new planters will help you transform your home garden into a work of art.

If you’re still using terra cotta pots for all of your plants, CB2’s here to upgrade you. Its unique planters deliver clean lines, classic colors (that aren’t earthen brown!) and a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Maybe you’re looking for a small but stunning home for your desk plant, or maybe you’re envisioning a largescale way to build a whole wall of green. Either way, CB2’s modern planter line has you covered. Here are just a few of their planter options to help you start dreaming up your ideal houseplant collection.

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cb2's modern planter - olly

The Olly can double as a table or storage until you’re ready to plant.

The Olly planter

Interested in getting a new plant but want to take your time in picking the perfect one? Grab the Olly planter. When empty, it can double as a table or storage thanks to its flat top. It’s a low-pressure way to try growing. If your plant dies, you can empty it out and use it to hold blankets or fill it with ice and use it as a cooler. You won’t feel pressed to re-fill it until you’re ready since it will get so much use regardless of whether or not it’s holding plants.

The Olly was designed by Mermelada Estudio and is made from a durable fiberglass and polyester resin blend. Overwaterers, rejoice! It comes with a drainage hole.

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cb2's modern planter - blox

Blox planters come in a huge range of sizes and shapes.

Blox planters

If you want to jump on the houseplant bandwagon but don’t necessarily want to spend hours filling a bunch of pots, look to the Blox planter line. It comes in a variety of sizes, including a 32″ by 16″ by 16″ rectangular planter. Fill this single box and you’ve got enough greenery to transform a wall. As an added bonus, this planter is sizable enough that you can use it outdoors to create barriers in your yard. A few of these Bloxes is enough to establish a foliage-filled faux wall between the pool and barbecue areas.

Whether you want a narrow planter for your citrus tree or a squat one for your succulents, you’ll be able to find it. Blox planters are available in high-gloss white or matte charcoal. Both colors are powder-coated galvanized steel, which means they’ll hold up outdoors. Like most of CB2’s modern planter options, Blox planters come with a drainage hole.

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cb2's modern planter - nile

Add elegance to your houseplants with the handblown glass Nile planter.

Nile glass planter

Many planters are sturdy and heavy-looking. That’s great for outdoor planting where you’re up against the elements, but you can opt for something more elegant indoors. The Nile planter is a perfect example. The handblown soda lime glass ripples with colors of rose quartz and terra cotta, balancing a natural feel with chic airiness. Because each Nile planter is handblown, no two are the same.

Again, this planter is ideal for the person who thinks they are ready for a houseplant but might want some time to prepare. Because it’s such a unique vessel, it’s a perfect storage container for blankets or pillows while it awaits its green friend.

More of CB2’s modern planter line

Love the houseplant trend but don’t want to bother with the upkeep? CB2’s modern planter line has a hack for you; check out this faux fiddle leaf fig tree.

Feeling inspired? Don’t stop here. The full planter line is pretty impressive and definitely worth checking out. Plus, CB2 was kind enough to provide some planting tips to get you started. We’d love to hear about your houseplant plans below. Photography by CB2.

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