5 Creative Ideas for Forest Scene Walls


Artistic wall design has become a huge trend in homes over the years. From geometric patterns to realistic art, statement walls fit into just about any home style. Using either paint or wallpaper, a good design adds dimension to a room through a point of interest. One of the best ways to take advantage of this statement wall trend is to incorporate forest scene walls.

Forest scene walls don’t have to be just about the trees. Whether you’re going for a natural vibe in your home or something more artistic, there are several ways to pull off the idea depending on the home style and overall room function. Read on to find out how versatile forest scene walls can be.

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Forest Scene Walls Subtle Accent Wall

Painted forest scenes can make subtle accent walls. Image: Waypoint Living Spaces

Use subtle tones in forest scene walls

Forest scene walls don’t have to dominate a space. For a more subtle look, choose a blue and gray color scheme. This style allows you to incorporate the look into a clean, modern design. The gray is a solid neutral that goes with anything. Meanwhile, the light blue works with many shades, easily complementing other accent walls or furniture. The photo above demonstrates how the gray and blue of the forest were worked into the rest of the space with gray cabinets and a blue wall by the stairs.

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Forest Scene Walls Realistic Dining Room

A full wall of realistic wallpaper heightens the feeling of being outdoors. Image: Wallpapered

Choose realism in an eating space

For a bolder look, go realistic in your forest scene walls. The space above combines crisp forest scene wallpaper with a modern kitchen. The wallpaper is so lifelike, the shelving appears to float.

What makes this space work so well is that the wallpaper is part of an eating area, giving the illusion that dining takes place right outside in nature. The fact that the wallpaper stretches into the kitchen adds a surreal look, too. It’s a good design choice if you’re looking to bring the outdoors inside while getting creative with a space.

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Forest Scene Walls Basement Workout Space

Breathe some life into a basement with realistic forest scenes. Image: Cezign

Bring an outdoor scene to an indoor workout

Realistic forest scene walls also work surprisingly well in basements. The challenge with decorating basements is that they tend to be cut off from the outside, typically devoid of windows. To get around this issue, it’s possible to bring a sense of natural beauty to a basement through the use of forest scene walls.

The photo above shows how effective the concept is in workout spaces. While running, lifting or stretching, the nature trail wall art emulates an outdoor workout. It’s a great idea for areas with long winters, where working out outside isn’t an option for many months out of the year.

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Forest Scene Walls Abstract Nursery

A nursery is a fun place for more abstract forest scenes. Image: Jen Talbot Design

Get abstract for a child’s bedroom

Forest scene walls work well in a nursery, since those tend to embrace more fun, artistic designs. Choosing an abstract tree design, like in the photo above, gives the area a sense of whimsy and playfulness befitting a nursery. Using three-dimensional elements like the birds adds a fun touch. You can also work the forest feel into the rest of the room, as with the owl statue on the dresser.

There are countless other ways to get creative with your nursery tree design. For instance, try using brightly colored abstract tree designs or painting wildlife in the forest scene. Or, for a fun twist, design the trees so that the branches appear to support floating shelving.

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Forest Scene Walls Classic Bedroom

An adult space can buck the realism trend with forest scenes. Image: Veronica Martin Design Studio

Go artsy in the bedroom

A forest scene can also take an artsy twist in an adult space, as in the room above. Adding elements like clouds, birds and hot air balloons keeps the space looking whimsical —  particularly when those elements border surrealism, like the oversized butterfly above.

However, using a grounded color scheme helps update the idea for a more classic or adult space. The color scheme above veers toward neutral shades with pops of pink, which matches the drapes. It goes to show how well forest scene walls can also be incorporated to match the rest of the space.

Whether you choose hyper-realistic wallpaper or more abstract statement wall paintings, forest scene walls are a surefire way to make any room in your home more interesting. All it takes is a little creativity, planning and color coordination. Which of these walls is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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