Boring Garage? Turn It Into a Showstopper

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garage red car

A garage is no longer an afterthought. Image: Stonecreek Building Company

Garages used to be (there’s no other way to say this) boring enclosures for your car: functional and practical, but plain and bare. Some homeowners also used them as storage areas for all the junk they didn’t want cluttering the house. But times have changed. Now, garages are so stylish that you’ll be tempted to spend more time there than in the house.

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garage entertainment

“These are a few of my favorite things…” Image: Architectural Photographer Ron Rosenzweig

With a pool table, a poker table, a TV and a fabulous view, the addition of an entertainment room ensures you’re never far from your favorite activities.

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garage farmhouse

Barn doors and a tin roof add a touch of Americana. Image: 3North Architecture

The farmhouse look – updated. This classic farmhouse-style enclosure holds three cars, and the main space has barn doors that open on both sides.

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garage tools

Who says garages can’t be sleek and stylish? Image: California Closets

This garage has custom-designed cabinets and drawers, along with specialty racks and a work area. The clear storage bins can hold screws, nails and other small items.

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garage two-level

A toy chest for adults. Image: Murphy&Co Design

Want to keep all of your toys together? A direct lift system moves your car to the second “floor” to help maximize your space.

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garage accent

This stain-resistant, clutter-resistant garage is irresistible.  Image: Closet Factory

With more storage than the average walk-in closet, these gray melamine cabinets are contrasted against a bright blue accent wall. Also, the polyaspartic flooring is stain-resistant.

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garage laundry

A place for everything (including laundry) and everything in its place. Image: Kay Wade, Closet Factory

Laundry is usually a tedious chore, but not in this espresso and textured stainless steel garage.

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smart garage

A smart home should start at the garage door. Image: Projects General Construction

According to John Villanueva, Vice President and General Manager of Residential Access Solutions at Chamberlain, a leader in garage door openers, another trend in garages is the rise of the smart garage. This new technology gives homeowners a hub-connected device and smartphone app that lets them open, close and monitor their garage door from anywhere in the world using their smartphones.

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garage office

With these computers and chairs, your garage can double as your home office.  Image: Kay Wade, Closet Factory

So many choices: Should you work on your car, reminisce about the glory days with your favorite jerseys and other memorabilia, do some work at one of the two desks or just look out of the window?

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garage outdoor

Cool garages don’t have to store cars. Image: The Home Index

Another trend is to convert your garage into additional living space. This one has a concrete conference table and uses a radiant heat mat to keep the space warm in the winter.

Which of these ideas will you be using to update your garage?

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