Large Living Room Tips: Lighting and Decorating

So you’ve bought the home of your dream and now what? Where do you start? Well we’ve gathered some of favorite ideas to share with you to answer these questions.

1. In large spaces create rooms within rooms. For example create a work station in an otherwise unused alcove.

2. You can do this in any room, but in larger spaces having lighting layers is essential for overall illumination and daily task.

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We used ceiling fixtures for ambient lighting or overall lighting.

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3. A floor lamp next to a chair provides task lighting.
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4. Place a table lamp on top of a console table provides soft accent light for the wall art and mirror.

5. Position furniture into the room, or “floating the piece” as designer call it, instead of placing it against a wall is a great way to create a more intimate feeling in large spaces.

6. Consider two chairs instead of a love seat. They can be easily configured for an intimate spot next to the fireplace, or can be pulled over to the living space when additional seating is needed.

There you have it some of our great lighting and decorating ideas to get you started in your large space.

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