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We are finally ready to share our farmhouse boy’s room makeover reveal. Iron beds, ticking stripe, planked ceilings and a soft neutral paint color make the room seem more calm and organized.

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The boys room bedroom in our home has needed a makeover for several years now. I gave it a colorful makeover when my oldest son was a baby, but it just never fit in with the style of our home. Plus, it was too baby-ish for my growing boys.

I always wanted that soft and vintage farmhouse vibe, with planked ceilings, iron beds and ticking stripe.

I even though about adding board and batten.

The room already has some inherent farmhouse charm, with the hardwood floors and bulky window and closet trim. We just needed a neutral paint color and shades of blue to complement what the 1920’s built into our craftsmen home.

Farmhouse Boys Room Makeover Reveal Video
I finally got my iron beds

The bunk beds always drove me crazy because its just so hard to make them pretty. Who wants to climb the bed every time you want the bed to be made? And you can’t even see the pillows on the top bunk.

I studied the room for hours, trying to figure out how I could fit more than one bed in the space. If they were on the bunk bed wall, the bedroom door would be in the way. If they went on the window wall, the closet door would be blocked.

I resigned myself to bunk beds, so I searched high and low for a cuter option. I thought about building these beds from my friend Stacy Risenmay. They’re adorable, but still wouldn’t fit right in the room.

After studying the room for probably the 20th time, it finally occurred to me that the biggest obstacle to getting my two adorable iron beds was the closet door.

And then I thought, why not add a curtain instead?! It not only takes up less space, but also gives me another excuse to add some pretty fabrics. Plus, the closet has original shiplap. Now, I can leave the curtain open to show off that pretty farmhouse feature.

I found an iron curtain rod on Amazon and went to work making a ticking stripe curtain with ties at the top.

We got rid of the boys’ French Provincial style dresser that I bought and refinished years ago. The shape was never quite right for the style I was going for. We moved a small chest into the closet, to make space for the beds. So, now, all the clothes and toys are in the closet. The size of the kids room closets are about the only large thing in this old house!

Farmhouse bedding
The only thing I knew for sure I wanted in the bedding was mostly neutral colors, a little bit of pattern, like stripe or plaid, and no duvet covers. I love the idea of duvet covers, I really do. In fact, we have one in our bedroom and two in the girls bedroom that I sewed myself. They’re easy to make, and you can just stuff them with a nice comforter. The problem is all the time it takes to put them back together after every wash. I don’t mind it for our room, but my kids don’t seem to care that they’re apart. So, they mostly just lay in a heap on their beds.

Yes, I know I could enforce this better, but I have five kids and not enough mental space to worry about who is making their beds properly.

I opted for simple striped quilts in the boys room.

I walked into Target with the intention of getting something neutral and subtle, and I actually found it. On the …
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