Mini Kitchen Island for a Small Space

4 Ways to Get a Mini Kitchen Island for a Small Space

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If you have a small kitchen but want the functionality of a kitchen island, don’t despair: Just because you’re working with a small space doesn’t mean you’re cut off from this convenient kitchen feature. Kitchen islands do tend to be popular in large kitchens, and they typically have expansive designs. But by getting creative, you can have a mini kitchen island in your small space.

We’ve covered small kitchen islands in the past, but the kitchen island ideas below are downright micro. Read on to learn a few of the best ways to miniaturize your cooking, prepping and socializing space.

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Mini Kitchen Island Green Stool Design

In small spaces, add just the amount of counter space needed and no more. Image: Davis Architects

Miniaturize the concept

The first step to using a kitchen island in a small space is to shrink the counter space. While this may appear to sacrifice usability, you can still retain functionality by leaving just enough space for two or three people to sit and eat.

The kitchen island above is perfectly measured for two stools. That’s about the space to aim for in a mini kitchen island: not much wider than the stools themselves. People can still use the island to eat or even prepare food without taking up extra space.

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Mini Kitchen Island Blue Cabinets

Sinks combine well with surrounding counter space for added functionality. Image: Hill Farm

Add the sink to your mini kitchen island

Another trick for creating a mini kitchen island is to combine the space with the sink area. The design above is more of a “kitchen peninsula” than a kitchen island. However, putting counter space around the sink gives a similar functionality and feel, combining areas to serve and prepare food.

Combining functions is a great way to get the most out of a small space. For instance, with some small floorplans, you may have to sacrifice counter space or sink space along the wall in order to fit an island. But by adding the sink to the island, that becomes a non-issue.

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Mini Kitchen Island Minimalistic Style

A minimalistic kitchen island works well in tighter spaces. Image: Marco Joe Fazio

Go small and free-standing

A mini kitchen island doesn’t have to be connected to the rest of your kitchen. The design above demonstrates how a smaller kitchen can still feature an island. You simply need to make the kitchen island itself smaller and more minimalistic.

This style goes well with minimalistic stool designs that tuck beneath the island itself. Stools don’t take up much room as it is, but in a small area, every bit of space counts. Choose a stool design that allows for “storage” under the island when not in use.

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Mini Kitchen Island Bookshelves Storage

A kitchen island opens up possibilities for storage and organization. Image: Palmerston Design Consultants

Combine storage uses

Making good use of small areas is all about combining functionality in a space. Get creative with storage options. Use space beneath your island to shelve books or store bottles of wine; add drawers and shelves for baking supplies; install fold-out cabinetry for maximum storage. If you’re going to have a kitchen island in a small space, it’s important to make the most of the space by using the island for multiple purposes.

Even if you’re working in a small kitchen, a mini kitchen island is still a great way to use your space without getting overcrowded. By toning down dimensions and combining functionality, your island could very well be the star of your kitchen. Did you get inspiration from of any of these mini kitchen island ideas? We’d love to hear about it below!

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