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Home Decor Tips – Window Coverings for Kids Room

Kids Room

Home Décor TipsWindow Coverings for Kids Room– as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

So let us talk about your children’s rooms. In these rooms you are going to need something a little more durable. Kids open and close the windows, they are not necessarily mindful about the window coverings, they are just getting to the task. So one of the big considerations is the durability of whatever you are going to put in that room. Better be fairly kid-proof.

The other thing though, is that kids love color in their room, more than anything they love a lively room, and it is an option that you can use to help them express that. A lot of times I will use either shutters, perhaps, because they are so durable, fairly easy to use and operate. Or, I like to come in with a fabric Roman blind. And that way I can bring all kinds of color and fun into the room.

For example, this little bottom treatment right here is a great way to bring that fun and excitement into a child’s room. You can use little fringes, you can use little pom-poms, and they love that kind of thing. It is that little accessory sort of detailing that makes them feel special, and adds to the theme, if you are doing a theme, especially for their room. So when you are considering fabrics for your child’s room, as you can see there are so many different fabrics that you can choose from. To be age appropriate and make that transition from little to say tween or teen, I recommend doing checks or stripes. Those are very, very transitional for different ages.

So let us say you are doing your little girl’s room, and you want the window coverings to be fun and energetic and of course pink, because they love pinks and purples. This is a great fabric, this is a great treatment.

But let us say you have a boy. Boys do not necessarily like flowers, but stripes are always good, and stripes that feel like the sea and the ocean are always a great, great way to integrate color and to give excitement to any little boy’s room. So just remember, when you are choosing fabrics and window coverings for your kid’s room: keep it fun, keep it light, keep it durable, and keep it age appropriate, even if you need to go ahead and transition from age to age, think about what you need to do and think about what kinds of fabrics will work, and what they will love.

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