10 Room Decorating Hacks and Home Decor Ideas

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You have a little mess, it doesn’t matter. Find out how to easily and quickly turn your home into a cozy and beautiful place with our ideas for decorating a room? You will learn what needs to be done so that your jewelry never gets tangled up again, how to use a torn dress for your decor, and also what can be made from crumbled beads. Embark on our world of decor and have a lot of fun!

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00:00 What to do if your jewelry is messed up.
00:47 We make a suspension for a flowerpot.
01:59 We decorate the bottle with beads.
02:40 Make eyebrows perfect.
03:21 Life hack – How to apply mascara and not get dirty.
04:07 Make a hairstyle with a t-shirt.
05:41 What if the towel falls when you dry your head.
06:57 What to do if the shadows are of poor quality.
08:23 Awesome mask to remove black spots.
09:48 How to remove bruises under the eyes.

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