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Unbelievable crafts you can make with cement.
We’ve all associated cement with building construction, but it wasn’t until recently when people started using cement in their simple crafts at home and home decorations. Today, we wanted to inspire you and give you some brilliant ideas on how to decorate your home using these simple and easy-to-follow tutorials. Are you ready? Let’s begin!
We show you a beautiful yet simple bowl you can create in your home using a swimming hat and cement. If the cap has some fun patterns on it, you’ll give your bowl a beautiful textured form. You can then fill the bowl with candle wax and three individual candle wicks to turn it into a cozy candle bowl for your living room.
Instead of buying a brand new fruit bowl, I show you how to create a beautiful one that also serves as a coffee table using a previously dipped rope in cement, a plain plastic bucket, and a piece of glass. You’ll need a few cable ties to give it a similar form (like the one in the video), but it will look marvelous.
Watch the entire video to discover fun and easy crafts to try this weekend.
0:01 – DIY candle
1:44 – DIY jewelry organizer
3:46 – Amazing magnetic eggs that collect your paper clips
5:17 – A creative fruit ball
7:40 – DIY shoe rack
8:45 – Creative craft for your lamp

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