(With Sub) Home decor hacks🎈|Modern vintage or kpop DIY?!

*This content includes Mediflower’s PPL without payment fee

INSSA OPPA becomes newbie in unvi. student🏫 & their mission is to décor it’s room to look fancy for online class💻? Which style is your pick🔍?

💟Medi Flower The Garden in Palace Edition : http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqEeU

💟Modern Vintage items
Storage box, 9 pieces: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqiul
Dia volume up waffle microfiber rug: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqDec
Living rom indoor fur slippers: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqiv1
Market B Rusta floor Lamp: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqiwH
2021 Retro wall calendar: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqiwV
Retro desk clock: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqixM
Glass flower vase: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqixb
Palm plant artificial tree/flower: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqixr
Cushion cover, beige checkered: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqDer

💟Self fanchant items
B.O.Y – Mini Vol.1 Phase One: YOU (set/2 versions): http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqDw9
B.O.Y – 2nd Mini Album Phase Two: WE (Synergy Ver.): http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqlpr
B.O.Y – 2nd Mini Album Phase Two: WE (Harmony Ver.): http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqloX
Photo cards binder album: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqiyz
Iron 3-floor bookcase: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqizD
Kitchen organizing net: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqizT
White bling bling flower bulb LED lighting: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqDe5
Wooden clip: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqi0f
Winter indoor fur slippers: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqi14
LED moon mood lamp humidifier: http://gmkt.kr/tHtdqiuM

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