Home Decor Pampas Grass Prep & Care /Tips & Tricks!

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Cut a bunch of pampas along the road. I was happy to get it for free! Brought it home and hanged it upside down before prepping for Home decor. I learned the hard way to put pampas in the plastic bag to avoid all those sheds all over your car. Also wear gloves & long sleeves as the foilage is quite sharp…

At home, I use blower to clean pampas off those dirt and possible insects attached. Blower also helps the pampas to be more fluffy and get rid of extra feathers or seeds. Pampas sheds a lot… but you can tame it by using Spray net. Use as much as you need, until you’re pampas stops from shedding.

This eye catching wild plant is very invasive. It can grow in any soil and love a direct sun. They don’t thrive in winter climate. But you can always bring it indoor during winter if its on Pots. Pampas is an eternal foilage. Just make sure to spray some spray net if you see some sheds are coming back again.

Pampas can be use in any ways decorating your home or any places you want. This plant is always pleasing to look at.

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