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Kids Room
Hello Everyone,
Getting ready for our annual gathering has always been very exciting & this year has been after a wait of 4 long years so you can imagine the excitement that we all are holding!
They are several acts for the day including dance drama, fashion show, fancy dress for kids live music , charity stalls with homemade delicacies to food and lots of fun!
I was part of two programs interacting with audience for a game and a couple dance with Santosh for Retro to Metro theme!
With 4 stages from Black & white heading to Eastman Era building to Disco & then to Millennium for which I created the boards with the help of Cricut Maker 3 which made the whole task easy neat and beautiful!
& the best part is all the items that I have made for the board can be re used re purposed at home for decorating!
Here is to the wonderful Cricut machine that can help you transform your imagination to reality : https://cricut.com/en_gb

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