Flea Market Thrift With Me + Home Decor Haul | Vintage Copper and Kitchen Aesthetic

Opening day of the Flea Market!!

I have literally been waiting months for this moment! Last season I ended on such a great note that I was hopeful that I would find some great finds this time around. Let me tell you, this flea market did not disappoint! I not only found some great vintage items but I found my dream find!! Literally my pinterest dream find. I did not think there would come a day where I would find them out in the wild but I finally did. Let me know your thoughts on this haul though! Was there anything you saw in the video that you would have picked up instead?

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Also let me know in the comments if you would be interested in seeing more videos like this! I love to shop and would love some new ideas on where I can bring you guys to shop with me!

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Thanks for watching and happy thrifting!!

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