Livingroom Makeover With Only 1 Brand…. DIYs + Hacks + Decor Ideas….

Living Room
Hello guys in today’s video, I accepted a challenge did my livingroom makeover using all the products from only 1 Brand called Urban Space Store…

Hope you like the ideas and enjoy the video 😊

The only 1 brand I selected for my livingroom makeover is UrbanSpaceStore

Links For The Products
Basic Beige Cotton Curt

Sheer Linen Curtains

AC Blanket

Brown Carpet

White Rug

Table Runner

Cushion Covers


Aesthetic Wall Posters

Cardstock Paper

Bamboo Painting

Fake plants

Terracotta Buddha Statue

Bobble head Couple

Vintage Sconce

Vintage Chandeliers

Study Table

Ikea Chair

3 Seater Sofa

2 Seater Sofa

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This channel is everything about home interior, interior decoration, you will enjoy all sorts of home decoration ideas like room makeovers, garden and balcony decoration ideas, easy DIYs to decorate your home and also Home makeovers.

Who runs the channel
Hi I’m Shradha Thakur and I found my passion in interior designing, home decoration and DIYs and to share my ideas I started this channel in the year 2018 and the 1st video of this channel went live on 22nd October 2018.
I help people in transforming their house into a beautiful paradise. If you have any query you can reach out to me on 👇

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