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Kids Room
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Here we take you through a Step by Step guide on How to Design a Kid’s Bedroom Bedroom and share latest Kid’s bedroom Interior Design Ideas

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⏱ Timestamps:
0:00 – Introduction
0:10 – Ananya Jois – Interior Architect at Design Cafe
0:30 – Importance/Benefits of Having a Kids’ Bedroom
0:42 – How To Design a Kids Bedroom?
0:56 – Keeping the Simple Kids Room Design
1:22 – How to Design a Kids Friendly Space
1:50 – Focus on Play Area
2:38 – Make Room for some Magic
3:07 – Utilising the Maximum possible space for Kids Room
3:25 – How to Accommodate 3 Kids in this Bedroom?
4:20 – How to Double up the Storage in Kids’ Bedroom?
5:06 – Color option as per Kids Choice
6:12 – Final Bedroom Overview

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Creating a beautiful functional room that your kid is going to love today and in years to come can be a pretty tall order right?

This video is dedicated to how to design your kid’s bedroom.

When you’re doing your kid’s bedroom the mantra should always be less is more when the decor is simple and the furnishing is minimal.

Here are a few ways in which you can make your kids’ bedroom a lot more fun and interesting:
1. One could be an easy way of turning any wall into a chalkboard wall by adding some chalkboard paint another could be an easy to upgrade art gallery now your kiddo can display all their latest creations

2. Another fun element could be a slide next to your bunk bed or even a ladder that we’ve added here you could also add a tent in any of the corners or even some cargo net all of these are great options to make room for some magic

3. Adding something magical and enchanting to your kid’s bedroom is always a good idea, In this kid’s bedroom, we have added this really cool fall ceiling which looks like the keys of the piano.

4. This kid’s bedroom can easily accommodate three kids at a time by putting up this bunker bed.

5. Furniture like the wardrobe, bed, table, etc are done in adult-like shades may be in wood or rustic gray and more the only kid-like thing here would be the wallpaper on the wall so as in when your kid grows all you need to do is change up wallpaper.

In the wardrobe you can see the shutters are cut in the middle this is to make sure that the kid can easily access the hangers accessories and drawers without the help of any other.

6. A dedicated kid-friendly workspace like this is a must now having a space to color and create for your kids is not just to keep them busy but also helps in their physical and mental development.

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